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Master Your Emotions


How many times have you made decisions based off your emotions and were wrong? How many times have you been in a situation where your emotions were up and down, and you couldn’t get a handle on them? How many times have you “gone off” on someone and you wish you handled it differently? How many decisions have you emotionally made, only to wish you could take it ALL back? Or... how many times have you said that I am just an emotional being, “it is, what it is”?  

If you resonate with ANY or ALL of these questions, ACCESS to the solution is a click away Come learn techniques to teach you how to Master Your Emotions EVERY SINGLE TIME? Receive a SIMPLE and MEMORABLE KEY that will help you control your emotions so they don’t control YOU!!!


Signature Programs


A program that helps women discover who they are, get pass their limitations, achieve their goals and take control of their lives.

Who is this for?

This is for women that have gone through somethings in life that have caused them to lose themselves, question their decisions and push their goals to the side for the sake of others. Those women that can't rid themselves of negative self-sabotaging habits because they have been in bad or broken relationships - either familial or romantic and they can't shake the baggage that comes from those pains, hurts and disappointments. Women that want to live fearless and in forgiveness so they can truly be happy and successful in their lives, relationships and businesses.

Marriage Material™

In this relationship coaching program, Michelamonè teaches key strategies on how to prepare for marriage so that there is clarity, purpose and longevity in the marital relationship. 

Who is this for?

This is for those who desire to be married and those already married that would like to create passionate relationships

Her Business Playbook™

A step-by-step guide on the dynamics of starting, owning and scaling a business.

Who is this for? 

This is for women who desire to own their own business but do not know where to start. Those small business owners that are currently in business and need a push and assistance to the next level of their busines

Do you need help and you don't know where to start?

Well, start by making an appointment with Michelamonè so she can help you sort through those ideas, thoughts or emotions. Sometimes it's difficult to do it alone because you are too close. Michelamonè has the know how to help pull it all out and get it organized with you.