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Coach Michelamonè has spoken in front of crowds from 10 to 5500 people. She is a dynamic speaker that motivates and empowers any crowd she is placed in front of. Book her today by emailing us at Please NO solicitation at this email.

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I AM Michelamonè


My Experience

Coach Michelamonè is an Award Winning Speaker, author and is Certified in Life, Professional and Relationship Coaching. Coach Michelamonè has mastered the keys to having healthy relationships through her life experience, educational and spiritual background. Coach Michelamonè is also an ordained minister, an author, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been called to help women live in successful relationships and marriages. Coach Michelamonè has written the book “Rejection Saved My Life” to help women put rejection into a healthy perspective that will cause change in their lives for the better. 


My Approach

 Coach Michelamonè helps women get rid of the "labels" life has placed on them and become their own B.R.A.N.D.S.™ (Build their Confidence, Rediscover who they are, Achieve their goals, Navigate their emotions, Drop the baggage and Surpass their self-limiting beliefs about themselves and their futures.) Coach Michelamonè has counseled and advised married couples and singles as part of her life's work to see women free and made whole. Being vulnerable is one of Coach Michelamonè’s greatest qualities as she isn’t afraid to share her deepest life's regrets and greatest triumphs.  


My Programs

Coach Michelamonè is also an empowerment speaker for women. Not only will she teach women how to have healthy relationships and love themselves FIRST,  but she also teaches women how to start and maintain thriving businesses. She has authored  “Her Business Playbook™”, which is a step by step Masterclass to starting and running a successful business. Coach Michelamonè touches every area of her client's lives with the wisdom founded on education, personal insight and strong biblical principles. After experiencing the coaching and teachings of  CoMichelamonè, every woman will leave her presence knowing that they have gotten rid of the labels and have become their own B.R.A.N.D.S.™!


Become your own B.R.A.N.D.S.™

  • Build your confidence
  • Re-discover who you are
  • Achieve your goals
  • Navigate your emotions so they work FOR you and not against you
  • Drop the baggage from past hurts, broken relationships and disappointments
  • Surpass your self-limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your life.